Our consulting services are focused on making your project success sustainable to the next project after we’re gone. That’s not the only goal, but it is just as important as solving your immediate project problems.

There are three keys to software project success: a good team, a solid system architecture, and a well-defined process. You already have the team, and we help you with the other two!

No engagement is like the other, and we tailor our coaching and mentoring involvement to serve you best. Both with respect to what we do and how long we work with you.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail for an open discussion of how we can help you and your team become more successful!

Our consultants

Bjorn Gustafsson

Veteran consultant with more than 35 years experience from the software industry where he has shouldered a wide variety of roles, including architect, developer, analyst, project manager, process mentor, etc. He is a former member of the IBM Rational process team, and has built a solid agile foundation as an expert in the Disciplined Agile process. Bjorn brings expertise in agile transformations and leadership, and he is well versed in all core software development disciplines, which combined makes the difference between failure and success for you and your team as you continue to the next level in your agile journey.

Bjorn Gustafsson – introduction


Agile Transformation

Want to go pure agile, and perhaps with a grain of discipline sprinkled over it? The agile transformation is complex with many moving parts, and we have been through it before, many times.

We help you transform your ways working to incorporate agile practices using a “boots on the ground” approach – we’re also developers and we work with your teams using a hands-on coaching approach.


Project management in today’s fast-paced software industry is radically different than it was only five or ten years ago. Today, the whole team is involved and combined with the successful iterative development style it puts new demands on the leadership of software projects.

The agile transformation does not only concern the development team – it involves the whole organization. We help your leadership team adapt to the agile ways of working, and here too, we use a hands-on coaching approach and guide your leaders through the transformation as well.

Software Engineering

Architecture is more than just a particular middleware solution, or a particular class library. A lot more.

Architecture is the elusive quality that differentiates good software from poor, and which is so hard to create and maintain.

Our consultants have learned architecture from some of the best people in the industry. They know what it takes, not only to develop the architecture itself, but also how it fits in the overall project and process.

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